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Camouflage Positively Sexy Blog

Camouflage Positively Sexy Blog

Read the latest sexy musings from the Camouflage Blogstress covering product reviews, sex education, and advice on how to keep your relationships spicy. Vous voir bientôt!

Curious about the toys mentioned in the 50 Shades series by E.L. James? Questions have been flying around Camouflage since the series’ release. It’s time to demystify these toys (and make a few product recommendations along the way). Then, you can fully enjoy your read with a tantalizing toy of your choice. Enjoy!

Crop Play – An Introduction to the “S” in BDSM

In one particularly ripe scene early in the 50 shades series, Christian Grey introduces Anastasia Steele to the S in BDSM with several sharp flicks of a traditional riding crop. This crescendo of tip-tip-tapping culminating in one precisely timed blow to Ana’s clitoris, bringing her to climax.