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50 Shades of Toys

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Curious about the toys mentioned in the 50 Shades series by E.L. James? Questions have been flying around Camouflage since the series’ release. It’s time to demystify these toys (and make a few product recommendations along the way). Then, you can fully enjoy your read with a tantalizing toy of your choice. Enjoy!

Crop Play – An Introduction to the “S” in BDSM

In one particularly ripe scene early in the 50 shades series, Christian Grey introduces Anastasia Steele to the S in BDSM with several sharp flicks of a traditional riding crop. This crescendo of tip-tip-tapping culminating in one precisely timed blow to Ana’s clitoris, bringing her to climax.

Crops are traditionally used for horseback riding, and are designed to deliver a precisely targeted tap, or slap to direct the steed you are riding. They serve a similar purpose in BDSM, but the goal is to stimulate and increase sensitivity rather than direct your partner.

A crop is relatively easy to handle, portable and it makes a perfect introduction to sadistic play. It’s easy to begin with light tapping, and progressively increase the stimulation, bringing blood to the surface and increasing sensitivity. First, begin with a series of light slaps, targeted on a specific area, fanning out so as not to over-stimulate any one spot. You will see a pinkish glow rise to the stimulated area as blood rushes to the surface – so it’s easy to keep track of where you have focused your energy. If your partner is ready for more, you can gradually increase the stimulation by increasing the rapidity of flicks or the force with which they are delivered. Combining crop-play with blindfolding and bondage can be mind-bending. Just remember your safe-word.

50 Shades Bound & Blinded by Ms. Blogstress

Sweet Ms. Steele finds herself lost without the use of her ears, eyes, or hands when her billionaire Dom, Mr. Christian Grey binds her in soft cuffs, blindfolds her, and places headphones in her ears blaring music to which his own headphones are also synced. In this scene she begins to understand how sensory deprivation can heighten senses and increase desire. By simply timing his teasing assaults with musical cues, effects of sensory deprivation are heightened. A simply grazing of flesh on flesh lights afire the skin beneath.

Though fairly “vanilla” in the world of BDSM, this scene brings to the forefront one simple fact. Creative play in the bedroom livens a sex life, improving mutual desire of each partner, resulting in a lot of fun. By depriving sight and sound (especially while being bound), sensual touch can bring the sex kitten out of the hardest of shells and make them beg for more.

When in doubt, check it out! All you need is the same playlist on 2 devices (and smart phones work like a DREAM for this), 2 sets of headphones, a blindfold (any scarf or tie will do), and a restraint system. If you’re new to BDSM, we suggest picking up the versatile and portable Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System.

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